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Common Characteristics of Adolescent Drug and Alcohol Use or Abuse

The Teenage Brain

The Teenage Brain and Decision Making Historically, adolescents were seen as miniature adults.  Then the role of hormones was seen as the major influence in adolescent moods and behaviors.  Now we know that the brain itself is responsible for a wide range of behaviors and experiences throughout adolescence. Perhaps you’ve recognized some of these symptoms:Continue reading “The Teenage Brain”

“Parenting Tips”

Children need you to be their parent, not their friend.  Parents can be very close and friendly with their children, but it is always your right and responsibility to establish structure and set limits, even when these limits make you unpopular or “un-cool.”  If children don’t receive structure at home, they may one day getContinue reading ““Parenting Tips””

Common Characteristics of Adolescent Drug and Alcohol Use or Abuse

Concerned you child could be using substances without your knowledge? Here are some common sign of drug and alcohol use or abuse to watch out for. ILLICIT BEHAVIORS Drug or alcohol use (this is not a mistake; denial often obscures the obvious signs) Theft Disappearance of possessions, money, clothes Possession of drug-related paraphernalia Possession ofContinue reading “Common Characteristics of Adolescent Drug and Alcohol Use or Abuse”

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